June 16, 2024
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Serbia: Fortis Group to acquire biogas power plants in Pančevo

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Fortis Group is completing the acquisition of two biogas power plants in Pančevo, Chief Operational Officer Velimir Gavrilović announced at Belgrade Energy Forum. The company recently installed the largest solar power plant in North Macedonia.

Fortis Group, an international corporation which started its journey in Turkey, is expanding its business operations throughout the Balkans. It chose Belgrade for its headquarters for Southeast Europe.

– From there we manage many projects for solar energy and wind parks, and the new biogas power plants. Just now we are completing the purchase of two biogas power plants in Pančevo, Serbia, and we will start generating power soon, with pleasure. This is an outstanding green project that our group will be proud of – COO Velimir Gavrilović said at Belgrade Energy Forum. More than 500 participants from 30 countries of the world convened at the event.

Three major wind power projects are underway in Serbia

The company has 1 GW in projects in Serbia. Notably, it is preparing to install wind parks in Gornjak (194.4 MW) in the country’s east, Juhor (144 MW) in the central part and Vranje (171 MW) near the eponymous city near the border with North Macedonia.

Fortis Group plans to complete the facilities by the end of 2028 and combine them with battery storage. It said the feasibility studies are nearly finished and that it expects the three wind power plants to generate 1.5 TWh per year in total.

The Turkish firm already owns the Dolovo biogas power plant of 3 MW, also near Pančevo. It utilizes manure and other agricultural waste and generates 28 GWh of electricity per year.

– We can offer to investors interested in energy and the companies that have renewables built already to buy the project from them. We can offer co-financing. We can offer various forms of partnership. Finally, we can buy electricity from your power plants and place it throughout this region and outside of the region, through our subsidiaries that trade in electrical power – Gavrilović said, Balkan Green Energy News reports.


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