June 21, 2024
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Romania, Distributors and producers cannot agree on the price of energy for grid consumption

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Electricity distributors fail to contract the supply of energy for technological consumption of the grid (CPT). Contracts have not been signed because producers are asking for much higher prices than distributors are willing to pay. And if they sell electricity to distributors, producers will not pay an additional tax of 80%.

The Oltenia distribution company submitted six offers for the purchase of electricity with delivery in the second half of this year, on the trading platform of the OPCOM stock exchange – PCCB-LE Flex. Three bids were submitted together with the distribution company from the Enel Group.

Distribution operators have offered to pay a maximum of 750 levs (152.2 euros) per MWh, for electricity in the gang, intended for their own grid consumption.

However, no transaction was concluded because the producers demanded higher prices. Hydroelectricity demanded 790 levs (160.4 euros) per MWh, Nuclear Electricity 1,100 levs (223.2 euros) per MWh (for one package) and Romgaz 1,300 levs (263.9 euros) per MWh.

The auction held a week ago on the same platform was also unsuccessful. Namely, E-Distribution Muntenia has launched two purchase offers, 10 MW in the gang, for the period October – December 2022, at a price of 640 and 653 levs (129.9 and 132.6 euros) per MWh, respectively. No transactions were concluded because the appropriate offers arrived at even twice the price.

Romgaz offered to sell the requested amount for 1,200 levs (243.6 euros) per MWh, Nuklelarelektrika for 1,400 levs (284.2 euros) per MWh, and Hidroelektrika for 1,460 levs (296.4 euros) per MWh.

If state-owned producers sold electricity to distribution companies, they would be exempt from paying the additional tax, according to the new regulation. This 80% tax applies to prices exceeding 450 levs (91.4 euros) per MWh.

Technological consumption has become a major problem for distributors, in the context of rapid price increases and, implicitly, procurement costs. It is included in the distribution tariff paid by all consumers, which is regulated by ANRE.

As of April 1, 2022, the regulator has approved an increase in tariffs for energy transmission and distribution, however, this increase only covers losses registered last year.

It is estimated that during 2022, the cumulative losses of electricity distribution and transmission operators, based on the difference between the cost of energy procurement for the CPT and the recognized costs, could reach 3.5 billion levs (710 million euros).

Banks also began to refuse to finance distribution companies after they reached the exposure limit.

Source: e-nergia.ro


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