June 23, 2024
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Europe: Solar energy production increased in week 8

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Account to AleaSoft Forecasting, in the week of February 19, European electricity market prices fell compared to the previous week, with the MIBEL market showing the lowest prices. The increase in wind energy production and the decrease in gas and CO2 prices favoured this behaviour. Portugal and France registered the highest wind energy production for a February month, and Spain and Portugal broke again the record for the highest photovoltaic energy production for a February month, reached the previous week.

During the week of February 19, solar energy production registered an increase in most major European electricity markets compared to the previous week, maintaining the upward trend for the second consecutive week. Increases ranged from 9.3% in Portugal to 17% in Germany. However, there were exceptions in the Italian and French markets, where solar energy production decreased by 23% and 13%, respectively, reversing the previous week’s upward trend.

As in the previous week, that of February 12, some markets registered a return of daily photovoltaic energy production to levels last seen in the fall, a trend that will become increasingly common as spring approaches. On February 20, the Spanish and Portuguese markets set records for a February month again, generating 118 GWh and 13 GWh, respectively, slightly surpassing the highs reached during the previous week. In addition, the German market set its highest solar photovoltaic energy production since October, with 156 GWh generated on February 25.

For the week of February 26, according to AleaSoft Energy Forecasting’s solar energy production forecasts, the trend of the week of February 19 will continue, with solar energy production increasing in the Spanish and German markets and decreasing in the Italian market, AleaSoft Forecasting reports.

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