June 22, 2024
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Azerbaijan supports Serbia’s sovereignty

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Minister of Economic Development of Azerbaijan Sahin Mustafayev says his country supports Serbia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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The minister also said his country supported Serbia’s its efforts in terms of resolving the Kosovo issue.

After signing a protocol of the Intergovernmental Commission for trade and economic cooperation between the two countries with Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic on Friday in Belgrade, Mustafayev underlined that apart from good political relations, Azerbaijan and Serbia also have excellent economic cooperation.

“I am grateful to Serbia for its support to Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and resolution of the conflict in Nagorno Karabakh. In the same way we support Serbia in terms of resolution of the Kosovo issue and we hope that such international relations will last until these conflicts are fully resolved,” Mustafayev said.

He said that Serbia is one of Azerbaijan’s most important economic partners in the Balkans, and that Friday’s protocol has paved the way for future cooperation.

Jeremic pointed out that today Azerbaijan is Serbia’s close partner and ally both in political and economic terms.

Jeremic said that the two countries see eye to eye in view of international issues and implementation of the international law, particularly regarding unresolved issues such as the future status of Kosovo-Metohija.

He pointed out that the two countries’ economic cooperation in the months to come will develop speedily.

In the coming months and years, Azerbaijan will become one of Serbia’s crucial trade partners, said Jeremic, who expects that cooperation will be realized primarily in terms of construction of road infrastructure in Serbia, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture and energy sector.

The protocol is the result of the first session of the Intergovernmental Commission which was held in Belgrade on Thursday. The two parties confirmed during the meeting that relations between the two countries are founded on a long-term and stable basis and on the respect for the principles of mutual understanding, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The Azerbaijan-Serbia Business Forum, gathering about 200 enterprises from Serbia, Azerbaijan, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, will be opened in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce later on Friday.




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