June 16, 2024
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Cvetkovic: Gov’t and foreign investors want strong economy

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Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic said Thursday that the government and foreign investors have a common goal – building a strong and competitive economy.

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At the presentation of the White Book of the Foreign Investors Council, Cvetkovic pointed out there are numerous macroeconomic imbalances to overcome in building a functional economy and many pending tasks related to improving the business environment and implementing joint measures and recommendations.

The prime minister said the government is aware there are problems in implementing laws, because the volume of legislation and the short time in which it was adopted led to differing practices and inconsistencies in interpretation and enforcement.

“This is why our future efforts will focus on consistent enforcement of legislation and speedy drafting of documents which will enable the implementation of all adopted laws,” Cvetkovic said.

He reminded that over 700 laws were passed between July 2008 and November 2011, compared to fewer than 500 acts adopted from 2000 until the current government took office.

Noting that this year’s White Book directed the government’s attention to a serious problem with corruption, he reiterated that fighting corruption has been a government priority from the beginning and that inadequate institutions and public administration give cause for dissatisfaction.

“We are fully aware of these challenges and significant efforts have been expended to establish independent and regulatory bodies, as well as raise the administrative capacities of public administration,” Cvetkovic said.

“We will not give up on building an efficient and professional administration, and the Council’s support in this is a great help,” said the prime minister.

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