May 27, 2024
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Romania: Distrigaz Sud Retele invested 106 million euros in the distribution network in 2023

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In 2023, Distrigaz Sud Retele made total investments in the natural gas distribution network worth 530 million RON (around 106 million euros). These were directed primarily at the modernization of the distribution system, by replacing steel pipes with polyethylene ones (with superior technical parameters and a longer lifespan), and in its expansion, by connecting new customers.

Last year, the company allocated a budget of 290 million RON for the replacement of 145 km of pipes and branches, 17,200 adjustment-measurement stations and 222,000 natural gas meters, thus continuing the effort of recent years to modernize the network of distribution.

To meet the requests of customers who opted for connection to the natural gas distribution system, the company mobilized important financial resources, allocating 240 million lei (representing 45 percent of the total investment budget) for the related expansion and connection works. Thus, for the 69,000 new customers connected to the network, 580 km of pipelines were put into operation and 17,500 new connections were made.

The company also continued to focus on the digitization of services offered to its customers. Distrigaz Sud Rețele has implemented ePortalDGSR, an electronic portal through which a series of functions can be accessed. Thus, customers can submit online the request for connection to the distribution system and the documents related to the process, add the place of consumption, submit the natural gas index, access information regarding the date of the next check/revision of the natural gas use facility and the consumption history.


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