June 20, 2024
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Greece: First auction for photoltaics with batteries to be held by February 2024

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The Greek energy ministry is completing its plans for a first auction, which will be held no later than February 2024, offering investment and operational support to mature-level solar energy projects possessing connection terms and planning to incorporate batteries, Energypress reported.

The upcoming first auction will offer investors support for a total capacity of between 200 and 300 MW, as part of the ministry’s wider plan to aid a 2-GW portfolio of solar energy farms with batteries behind the meter.

The ministry’s objective is to preserve as much grid capacity as possible. The addition of batteries to solar energy projects, even if small-sized with capacity to store just one hour’s worth of energy, offers a 50 percent reduction in grid capacity occupied by projects.

A number of projects are expected to take part in the series of support auctions, power grid operator IPTO’s development program data for 2024 to 2033, published last June, has indicated.According to this data, 10,590 MW of photovoltaics have connection terms for the transmission system and 1,141 MW for the distribution network.

RES projects taking part in these auctions will face strict electrification deadlines, the objective being to limit participation to truly feasible RES projects with batteries.

As a result, IPTO will know when grid capacity will be released by photovoltaics and be in a position to offer investors precise information on connection-term delivery.


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