March 1, 2024
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Aleksandar Panfilov : The State is responsible for the development of oil products market

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Liberalization has contributed to on strengthening competition and development of oil products market in Serbia, said Aleksandar Panfilov, general manager of Lukoil Serbia adding that the state must put a stop on to the practices of smuggling and placement of fuels of low quality but and also to find a way of preventing international freight traffic from Serbian from moving on roads of Romania and Bulgaria.

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It is worrying that there is a significant reduction in flow of international freight traffic through Serbia. Of course that is primarily associated with the economic crisis but on the other hand it is caused by the fact that the situation in region is changing every day.

When I said that, I hand in mind the active construction of a road and infrastructure grid in Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. This is athreat to Serbia that, if the state doesn


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