June 21, 2024
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Serbia: EPS positioned to be a leader in hydrogen technology adoption

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“The Electric Power Company of Serbia (EPS) can be a catalyst for the introduction of hydrogen technologies, just as it played a pivotal role in economic development,” stated Dušan Živković, Acting Director-General of EPS. Speaking at the “Hydrogen Energy of the Future” international conference organized by the “Energija Balkana” portal, Živković emphasized that incorporating hydrogen technologies presents both a technological challenge and an opportunity. He highlighted that adopting hydrogen would aid in the decarbonization process, enhancing flexibility, ensuring energy system security, and reducing reliance on imported energy.

Živković underscored the significance of hydrogen in the ongoing energy transition, asserting that choosing hydrogen as the future energy source could expedite and streamline the transition process. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing green hydrogen to align with sustainability goals. The Acting Director-General expressed confidence in EPS’s capabilities, citing knowledgeable and experienced engineers ready to embark on the journey of integrating hydrogen technologies.

Reflecting on the past century, Živković acknowledged fossil fuels’ role as drivers of energy sector development but acknowledged their detrimental environmental impact. With decarbonization and the advent of hydrogen, he anticipates a new reality in the energy landscape.

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