June 20, 2024
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Serbia: Pančevo oil refinery enhanced competitiveness and ecological standards

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Professor Dragan Govedarica, from the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad, highlighted the recently completed overhaul of the Pančevo oil refinery as a significant step forward in enhancing its competitiveness and ecological standards. Speaking to the “Energija Balkana” portal, he emphasized that the refinery now stands as one of the most modern and environmentally advanced in this region of Europe.

Govedarica noted that the overhaul, labeled as the most complex and challenging in the refinery’s history, focused extensively on vital facilities for diesel and gasoline production. He underscored the commitment of NIS (Petroleum Industry of Serbia) to continuous modernization, not only for business benefits but also to enhance the ecological profile of the country. He highlighted NIS’s substantial investment of EUR 95 million solely in environmental protection measures, aligning the refinery with the best practices observed across Europe.

Responding to queries regarding the extended duration of the overhaul compared to the initial timeline, Professor Govedarica explained the inherent challenges in refinery operations. He stressed the importance for refineries worldwide to minimize downtime, as any suspension leads to increased costs and reduced profits. Despite the extended duration, he emphasized the rarity of significant work stoppages in the oil refining sector in recent years, particularly during periods of favorable refinery margins.

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Regarding the scope of the overhaul, Govedarica detailed the extensive modernization efforts, including work on reactors, absorbers, pressure vessels, compressors, pumps, heat exchangers, pipelines, air coolers, and tube furnaces. He also commented on the strategic merger between NIS and HIP Petrohemija, asserting its rationale in the context of the European oil and petrochemical industry. He emphasized the importance of diversification and expansion into petrochemical products, aligning with market dynamics and ensuring long-term viability.


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