June 20, 2024
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Serbia has significant gold reserves

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Serbia has significant gold reserves, and according to the latest Geozavod estimates, there are 250 tons in existing depositsand 150 tons in potential ones.

After the latest discoveries, such as Čukaru Peki, it can be said that there are reserves of 500 tons in ore, according to a rough estimate, said the deputy director of the Geological Institute of Serbia, Predrag Mijatović.

Predrag Mijatović told Tanjug that gold in ore, after processing, is used to make gold bars or investment gold, which is then placed in the vault of the central bank, as in all countries.

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If this rate of exploitation continues, it will take several centuries for all that gold to be processed, Mijatović noted.

According to him, mining is expanding not only in Serbia, but also in the world because, according to the latest data, 1.8 trillion dollars are currently being invested in projects, and in Europe 700 billion euros for around 100 projects in various stages.

Due to the energy situation, European countries are now adjusting their legislation to be able to carry out geological investigations and then open mines because in the previous 30 years they have reduced activity in that area due to environmental issues, Mijatović pointed out.

MIjatović assessed that Serbia is well on its way to joining the current trend, but that there is one problem, and that is the ecological movements that are unjustifiably opposed to the opening of mines.

When it comes to gold mining, it is completely safe for the environment because it is done using the most modern methods, Mijatović said.

According to him, the company that wants to invest in Chukara Peka near Bor has two mines in Bulgaria, one in Krumov city and the other in Chelopek, and those mines have led to an increase in employment and an increase in standards, so the news is that they want to open a mine in Good news for Serbia.

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