June 20, 2024
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Serbia: Belgrade Power Plants launched a tender for studies on geothermal potential

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The PUE Belgrade Power Plants has opened the tender for phase three of the scientific studies of the geothermal potential of the groundwater resources in the territory of the heating plants and boiler rooms within this company.

In phase one, the potentials of the exploitation of the geothermal resources in twenty-two selected heating plants and boiler rooms were considered, in line with the estimated depth of the geothermal reservoirs, the temperature, and the estimated quantities of the geothermal waters. The analysis also included the locations planned for the construction of new heating plants, and as said, of the total number of the analysed locations, three locations have been selected as the most promising for detailed explorations with the end goal of defining the location and the conditions for the establishment of the first geothermal exploration borehole.

Detailed exploration within phase two was carried out at the following locations: heating plant Batajnica, heating plant Borca, and heating plant Dunav. In all three locations, according to the tendering documentation, potential conditions for the exploitation of geothermal resources in the energy, technical-technological, and economic senses have been determined.

The result of the detailed and, by their scope, multidisciplinary explorations is a conceptual prognosis model of the exploitation of the geothermal resources, according to the technical specification.

In phase three, as said, it is necessary to verify, recalibrate, and amend the conceptual prognosis model for the exploitation of geothermal resources. In relation to that, it is necessary to encompass, collect, process, and interpret a large number of field data, that is, to organise and establish field exploration activities by implementing suitable field and laboratory methods.

The collected data need to be analysed from the perspective of the interpretation of the geothermal conditions and the geological composition of the part of the terrain in which the explorations are to be done.

Bids may be submitted by June 24, Ekapija reports.


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