June 20, 2024
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Hungary: The first green hydrogen plant starts trial operation

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The first green hydrogen plant in Hungary was inaugurated on Monday at the Bükkábrány Energy Park in northeastern Hungary. At the inauguration ceremony, Energy Minister Csaba Lantos stressed that the plant not only serves the fight against climate change but also represents a significant step towards energy independence for the country.

Lantos said that the plant, which has started its official trial operation, produces hydrogen from renewable energy generated by the local solar park and has the particular merit of being built not on good-quality farmland but on landscape soils left over from previous mining activities. The facility, located on a 32-hectare site, has been revitalised by the reclamation of the former open-cast lignite mine of the Mátra Power Plant and actively contributes to the spread of sustainable energy sources, he said.

One of Hungary’s largest solar parks is located on the outskirts of Bükkábrány, covering 32 hectares and capable of generating more than 22 MWp. The new plant is the first of its kind in Hungary and is closely aligned with the country’s national hydrogen strategy.”

Csaba Lantos said that there are already 6,300 megawatts of solar panels across the country, many of them industrial, and nearly 267,000 households. He stressed that the government would continue to support all innovative solutions that help increase the country’s energy independence and security of supply through clean energy production and storage.


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