June 23, 2024
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Region, The installation of another underwater cable between Italy and Montenegro has been announced

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The Ambassador of Italy in Montenegro, Andreana Marcela, expressed her interest in the construction of buildings from renewable energy sources and announced the installation of another underwater electrical cable between Italy and Montenegro.

Marcela met with the president of the PIR Party of Pensioners, Disabled Persons and Restitution, Momo Joksimović, who congratulated her on her appointment as Italian ambassador to Montenegro and wished her a pleasant and pleasant stay in friendly Montenegro.

– Joksimović pointed to the difficult economic situation in which Montenegro finds itself, to the very difficult position of the largest class population of pensioners, as well as to the difficult financial position of the PIO Fund, which would not be able to self-finance without the help of the Government of Montenegro. He also pointed to the problems of Montenegro with public finances, as well as the fact that a large number of Montenegrin citizens, including children, live on the edge of existence, hunger and poverty – PIR announced.

Joksimović also pointed to the large number of investments of foreign capital in capital facilities in Montenegro, such as the construction of electrical facilities from renewable sources of several hydropower plants. He pointed out that the water potential in Montenegro is not even 17% used, while in Europe it is 80%.

Considering the historical friendly relations between the two countries, Joksimović expressed the expectation that Italy will show interest in capital investments of mutual interest.

– By building several hydroelectric power plants and selling electricity to friendly Italy, Montenegro would significantly improve public finances for a long period of time – Joksimović assessed.

Marcela pointed out that, for now, Italy is not interested in the construction of the thermal power plant in Maoč, which has coal reserves for the production of electricity for the next 80 years, or the second block in the Pljevlja Thermal Power Plant, eKapija reports.


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