June 12, 2024
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Greece: Faster connection permits for RES projects with PPA

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PPAs established by RES producers with industrial consumers for connection-term priority concerning new RES projects developed by the former add up to a total capacity of more than 3.9 GW, but just under half of this capacity, or 1.5 GW, linked to energy-intensive industry, is expected to be approved by authorities.

The energy ministry is still processing PPA applications submitted by RES producers, eager to secure connection-term priority for their projects.

Given the overwhelming response, the ministry has decided to trim the number of applications by 20 percent, through an imminent ministerial decision, in an effort to secure connection terms for a greater number of projects.

However, despite this cut, the capacity will remain elevated, at 3 GW, well over the 1.5 GW in industry related PPAs the ministry intends to approve.

PPA applications linked to energy-intensive industries represent a total of 1.8 GW, a figure expected to prompt the energy ministry to trim further for a final figure of 1.5 GW.

Energy-intensive industries appear most certain to secure PPAs as the energy ministry’s key aim, through this initiative, is to lower industrial energy costs.

According to energypress sources, the list of main PPAs concerning energy-intensive industries is as follows:

Power utility PPC – Viohalko (520 MW), concerning PVs jointly owned by PPC and Motor Oil; PPC – Titan (300 MW), also concerning PVs jointly owned by PPC and Motor Oil; Mytilineos (300 MW) for self-consumption; Helleniq Energy (200 MW) for self-consumption; AGET – Macquarie (40 MW); Hellenic Halyvourgia – Interphoton (104 MW); and TERNA – Viohalko (360 MW), energypress.eu reported.


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