June 12, 2024
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Croatia: Dalekovod wins two contracts in Slovenia and Albania

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The Croatian Dalekovod company has reported on the contracts it has concluded for the construction of a transmission line in Slovenia and a transformer station in Albania. 

The Slovenian member of the wider Dalekovod Group, Dalekovod d.o.o. Ljubljana, in a consortium with the Slovenian company ENS, signed a contract with the Slovenian operator of the transmission system ELES. That contract is for the construction of the DV 2x110kV Hudo – Kočevje transmission line and amounts to a sum of 14.5 million euros.

This project will include the demolition of the existing and the construction of a new transmission line spanning a total length of 31.2 kilometres. It will also consist of 111 two-system transmission poles. The start of the works is scheduled for June this year, and the completion of all works is expected in January 2026. Most of the work will be carried out near existing live lines, which requires very precise planning and coordination to ensure the smooth functioning of the existing power transmission system.

In a consortium with the construction company 4A-M SHPK, the Croatian Dalekovod company also signed a contract with OSHEE Group, the operator of the distribution system in Albania. That contract regards the construction of a new 110/20kV transformer station, as well as all of the associated distribution network.

That project is worth slightly more than 13 million euros, it’s being financed by the German development bank KfW and will last for two years. The modernisation of the electric power network in the area of Kamze, which has experienced significant urban and economic development recently, will be key to the further progress of that entire wider area.


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