June 22, 2024
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Wise spent money on TENT

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In late July, on TENT (Power Plants Nikola Tesla Obrenovac) B, Mr. Vensan Dedzer (Vincent Deger), head of EU delegation in Serbia,and Bozidar Djelic, Serbian deputy prime minister for European integration, signed a financial agreement IPA 2011th, using pre-accession fund support for Serbia, awarded grants of 178.5 million euros. The money will be, as stated on that occasion, used for 23 projects and public administration reform, strengthening the rule of law in Serbia, overcoming the economic crisis, caring for internally displaced persons and refugees, assistance to agriculture…and more. Fifteen million of this amount will be used for construction of wastewater treatment TENT B which is a central project in the sector of environmental protection, climate changes and energy.

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At the signing ceremony of the IPA 2011th  it was stressed, among other things, that the money which comes from European Union as a donation, must be visible to the citizens of Serbia, as TENT (and JP EPS), during the last decade received EU taxpayers money and that are used in the best possible way. This is witnessed by the results. In the rehabilitation and revitalization of facilities  PD TENT  is invested 200 million euros, “european money” in the form of grants and about  250 million euros of its own funds. Units of PD TENT are now noticeably ‘modernized, energy efficiency is improved, unit A6 output power is increased by 40 megawats, coal consumption is reduced by 400,000 tons per year, and the annual production is increased by 3.2 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, equal to the production of a new block of 400 megawatts. To build the unit of 400 MW should be around one billion euros, and its production is, by the revitalization of existing facilities, achieved with only half the invested money.

If we add the results achieved in environmental protection, the image of the conscientious host becomes complete. On the most units precipitators are reconstructed which is 80 percent reduced emissions of solid particles. We recall that on the TENT B is realized by now the largest environmental grant to us: The European Union has donated building of a new system of collection, transportation and disposal of ash and slag with 28 million euros (of 32 million as a total system cost).

Good experience and management are far confirmed with the decision of the Government of Japan to grant extremely favorable loan for the construction of the desulfurization on A TENT, which will include the blocks of A-3 to A-6. When you add and plants for  two blocks TENT B, then the desulphurization project of PD TENT is rightly called the most valuable ecological project in the Balkans. This work should be completed by 2017, and with it, reduce emissions of nitrogenoxides, reduce carbon emissions and build the new ash handling system  on TENT A.

So, in the PD TENT  is much done, but more work is just waiting for us. European Commission decision to allocate up to 15 million grant for wastewater treatment TENT B testifies to the Brussels is closely monitoring how money is spent here. So there is no doubt that there will be more projects of PD TENT that will be partly or mainly funded by the European Union.

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