June 22, 2024
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Thermal power plants in Obrenovac meet the needs of more than half of daily electricity consumption in Serbia

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In the last few days in electric power system of Serbia daily electricity consumption is 87 million kilowatt-hours, of which TENT A supplies almost one third or nearly 30 million kilowatt-hours per day although one unit of 300MW has been undergoing an extended two- month overhaul- said  Glišo Klasnic, Manager of  TENT A.

When we add to this, says Klasnic, that TENT B, where unit B2 is also undergoing a long overhaul, currently covers about 20% of daily electricity consumption in Serbia, then it’s clear that even during these hot days the thermal power plants in Obrenovac supply more than half of the consumption.

High temperatures in August not only increased the electricity consumption due to increased air-conditioning but greatly hampered the overhauls as well.

The overhauls were not interrupted but the works were organized in a different way. Contractors increased the number of employees, workers had breaks more often, they took turns on the plants, they were provided with drinking water, so that the overhaul of unit A4 will be completed within the planned period, which is somewhere around 28th September- Glišo Klasnic says and emphasizes that during the overhaul on this unit there will be revitalization of the mill plant done.

The air temperature in boiler plant at TENT A reached over 50 degrees Celcius during August, according to Klasnic. It was also extremely difficult to work outdoors as it was the case with employees working at coal dump sites and ash disposal sites.

Manager of TENT A says that the consumption of 87 million kilowatt-hours is very high for summer months, but that PE EPS during winter time, when the overhaul season is done and the plants completely ready, can deal with consumption even higher than 130 million kilowatt-hours.

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