June 15, 2024
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Serbian National Petroleum Committee established

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The Serbian National Petroleum Committee of the World Petroleum Council has been established today in Belgrade, with the aim of representing the interests of Serbian oil and gas industry in the Council, the largest and oldest NGO in the field of oil and gas.

Serbian Minister of Energy and Mining Petar Skundric pointed out in the premises of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) that the idea of Serbia becoming part of that world-recognized organization had been existing for several decades.

He noted that Serbia would be able to use the experience of more than 60 member states of the Council.

The objectives of the Committee include sustainable development and representation of the Serbian oil and gas industry in the World Petroleum Council and other international institutions and organizations, he said.

Skundric added that the long-term development of oil and gas industry in Serbia was directly dependent on the implementation of the agreement on cooperation with Russia in oil and gas industries.

Director of the Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) Kiril Kravcenko said that the Committee was expected to peacefully resolve all complex and complicated issues in the field of oil and gas by using its long-time experience.

The Committee’s Statute, business plan and budget for 2011 were adopted today, NIS CEO Kravcenko was appointed as the Deputy Chairman of the Committee, while the Chairman is going to be appointed at the first next session.

Josef Tot, the First Deputy of the World Petroleum Council, said that the Council, headquartered in London, was formed in 1933 with the aim of facilitating a constructive dialogue between interested parties in accordance with basic technical, economic, social, ecological and other issues related to the management of petroleum economy.

Source Ekapija.com


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