June 23, 2024
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Serbia to diversify its gas supply

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By connecting gas with Bulgaria, as well as starting the construction of a new interconnector with North Macedonia, Serbia can become a significant energy player in this part of Europe, program manager for energy at the Delegation of the European Union in Serbia Gligo Vuković told RTS. He also points out that the fact that our country represents the crossroads of all roads in the Western Balkans also contributes to this.

The construction of new gas interconnectors with North Macedonia and Romania was announced, as well as the connection of our country with the liquid gas terminal in the Greek port of Alexandroupolis.

Gligo Vuković, a guest in Dnevnik RTS, said that the new gas interconnector between Serbia and North Macedonia should enable further diversification of supply routes, as well as sources of supply.

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“The interconnector, in addition to the one built between Serbia and Bulgaria, should increase the capacity of gas that can come from the so-called southern direction. It is very important for Serbia that this interconnector be completed as soon as possible, hopefully with the financial support of the EU,” Vuković points out.

“Capacities will expand”

According to him, Serbia was given access to the liquid gas terminal in the Greek port of Alexandroupolis by the construction of the terminal between Niš and Sofia, which was co-financed by the EU with 50 million euros.

“Its capacity is 5.5 billion cubic meters per year. This is not enough for the region, but it should be viewed over time and – dynamically. Capacities will be expanded and new gas pipelines will be built. It is a process that will continue,” says the guest of Dnevnik.

It also indicates that “Srbijagas” must work on expanding the existing capacities within the country to accept a larger amount of gas.

Connection with Romania

Vuković, speaking about the gas interconnector between Serbia and Romania, points out that Bucharest has sufficient quantities of gas, but that it has plans for new investments for gas fields in the Black Sea.

“Romania would then become a significant exporter in the region and it is of great interest to be connected with Serbia. That is ahead of us, it is relatively easy because it is a short section,” Vuković points out.

Serbia on the gas map

He emphasizes that Europe is interested in building a gas market, but also has plans for reducing carbon dioxide emissions and a greater share of renewable energy.

Vuković points out that with the built interconnector with Bulgaria, as well as the upcoming one with North Macedonia, Serbia can become a “significant player” in this part of Europe.

“If we look at the gas map of this part of Europe, Serbia is one of the few countries in the region that borders eight countries. Serbia is therefore at the crossroads of all roads in the Western Balkans, as well as the energy one. It has significant development ahead of it,” concludes the program manager for energy. in the EU Delegation in Serbia, Gligo Vuković.

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