June 23, 2024
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Serbia: Srbijagas to build new gas storage facilities

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Srbijagas and the Russian company Gazprom have started negotiations in Belgrade on the construction of gas storage facilities in Vojvodina. If Russian partners are not interested in these projects, there is a possibility that Srbijagas, with the help of the state, will build these capacities.

The plan is to expand the “Banatski Dvor” storage, which currently can store 450 million cubic meters of gas, to the adjacent field Čestereg. This expansion would enable Serbia to store 1.5 billion cubic meters of gas.

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The construction of the “Srpski Itebej” storage is also planned, but, gas extraction has not yet been completed in that field, and this issue needs to be resolved with partners from Russia.

The “Tilva” storage, whose construction is also planned, should not be controversial as it is completely emptied.

Gazprom is the majority owner of the “Banatski Dvor” storage and also has the right to use the “Itebej” and “Tilva” locations, according to the 2008 agreement between Serbia and Russia, which included the sale of NIS to the Russian company.

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