June 20, 2024
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Serbia: Process for the selection of EPS’s director stalled for almost 10 months

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For nearly 10 months, Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) has been in search of a new general manager. Although candidates for the position reached the second round of selection, the largest energy company in the country remains without a leader. With the current acting director Dušan Živković’s term set to expire soon, the urgency to appoint a new CEO is evident. EPS initiated the search for a new general manager on August 11, announcing the vacancy in the newspaper Politika. Despite the completion of the application period on September 15, almost nine months have passed, and a decision has yet to be made.

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Although the final decision lies with the Supervisory Board, responsible for appointing the director, there has been little communication from them since the conclusion of the selection process. However, it’s known that the agency overseeing the selection, “Boyden Western Balkan,” shortlisted seven candidates from nearly 40 applicants. Among these candidates are notable figures such as Siniša Mali’s advisor Vuk Delibašić, former state secretary Mirjana Filipović, and EPS supply director Aleksandar Bjeličić.

Branimir Mijailović, director of the government-affiliated company “Concord West” and former head of “Energotehnika – Južna Bačka,” is also a prominent candidate. Additionally, Dušan Živković, the current acting director, who transitioned from the role of production development manager, is also in the running.

Notably, if the selection process proceeds as planned, it would mark the first time in a state-owned enterprise that an individual is appointed to the highest position following a competition.

The final decision rests with the Supervisory Board, comprising seven members, including three Norwegians and four from Serbia. With Živković’s acting term set to expire soon—by June 15—the Supervisory Board has a limited window to make the crucial appointment.

Efforts to obtain further information from EPS and board members, including Miodrag Ranković, have been met with limited success, with responses pending at the time of writing.


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