June 23, 2024
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Serbia relies on lithium exploitation

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Of all the known metals, lithium is the lightest, ie with the lowest density, which explains its advantage in battery design. Lithium-ion batteries have brought a revolution in our daily lives, and they are obtained from lithium. Again, lithium is a resource that is becoming the most sought after, which is great news for Serbia.

Ultra-fast charging experts have developed the first generation of a lithium-ion battery that can compete with conventional vehicles with petrol or diesel engines in terms of charging time. The innovation could save the hours needed to charge an electric car. This information is very important for Serbia as well, because we have the potential for the development of “new gold”.

A large amount of work is ahead of the ‘Jadar’ project team to ensure that a Greenfield mining and metallurgy project of this size develops to its operational phase in a safe and sustainable way, in environmental and economic terms.

Lithium-ion batteries have become a top topic in the world, but also in Serbia

When we look at all aspects of the use of lithium ion batteries, from mobile phones and computers, to electric vehicles, we can say that these batteries have revolutionized the storage and use of electricity and that their importance is enormous.

– On the other hand, the progress of society, increasing energy use, industrial plants and technological progress have led to the determination of new priorities at the global level, and one of these priorities is the “green agenda” which implies a growing need to find “green solutions”. The green agenda also includes the adoption of directives related to reducing the level of permitted carbon dioxide emissions in the EU, and the solution for this is electric and hybrid vehicles in which lithium plays a key role, given that such vehicles use lithium-ion batteries as propulsion.

Because of all this, lithium is one of the strategic, and in the future the most sought after raw materials in the world, Novosti reports.

Source: serbia-business.eu



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