June 23, 2024
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Serbia: Nuclear energy is the only way to keep energy sovereignty

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Slavko Dimović, the director of the Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, emphasized today that nuclear energy is the sole means to adequately address energy challenges while maintaining a state’s energy sovereignty. He stated that embracing nuclear energy represents a sobering process, globally recognized, acknowledging that without nuclear energy, there is no possibility of the fourth industrial revolution. Dimović pointed out that alternative energy sources can only satisfy about 30% of the energy demand.

He highlighted the potential solution for Serbia in adopting nuclear modular reactors. Dimović suggested that Serbia should capitalize on its hydroelectric potential, primarily through the reversible hydroelectric plant “Bistrica”, while urging industries to increasingly focus on energy production.

Dimović criticized the Chernobyl moratorium of 1989, considering it outdated, as it not only prohibits the construction of nuclear power plants but also hinders scientific and technological progress.

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He expressed confidence that Serbia will move towards purchasing or constructing modular or conventional reactors. Dimović explained that nuclear modular reactors are more cost-effective, compact, efficient, and adaptable, making them suitable for various applications, even in less densely populated areas.

Regarding expertise, Dimović noted Serbia’s rich potential, especially with the Vinča Institute as the largest in the Balkans. He suggested that the institute could serve as a knowledge hub, attracting domestic and international experts, including those who emigrated.

Furthermore, Dimović stressed the importance of public support, emphasizing that nuclear waste generated by nuclear power plants is minimal. He underscored the need for public understanding and highlighted the expertise of local professionals in managing nuclear energy.

In conclusion, Dimović asserted that investing in nuclear energy would encourage young people to engage in the field, emphasizing that nuclear energy is essential for maintaining a state’s sovereignty.


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