June 23, 2024
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Serbia: NIS invested 900 million euros in environmental projects

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NIS, since 2009, has allocated up to 900 million euros to environmental projects and business initiatives, significantly impacting Serbia’s ecological landscape, with over 130 million dedicated solely to ecological initiatives. In 2023, the company invested 801.8 million dinars in implementing ecological projects.

It’s important to note that these figures increase substantially when considering investments in technologies that contribute to environmental harm reduction. NIS not only incorporates the best available methods and technologies into its projects but also enhances environmental performance in business processes while fostering environmental awareness among employees. The implementation of ecological projects has elevated compliance with Serbian legislation requirements and improved environmental protection management.

The Pančevo Oil Refinery serves as a prime example, being the first energy facility in Serbia to receive an integrated IPPC permit, confirming compliance with the highest domestic and European environmental standards. The refinery’s deep processing plant, operational since 2020, has significantly improved environmental aspects, reducing emissions such as SO2 by 98.8%, powdery substances by over 50%, and nitrogen oxides by almost 10%.

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