June 21, 2024
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Serbia needs serious investors in solar energy

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The Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy released a list of the first auctions for awarding market premiums for wind and solar projects in the country. There was strong competition for wind projects, while there was weak interest for solar projects.

Director of the Association of Renewable Energy of Serbia Danijela Isailovic said that the initial wind and solar auctions were successful, which in itself is very significant news. 

The auctions were conducted in a professional and transparent manner in electronic form, and the Ministry executed the process with maximum efficiency, with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which has made a crucial contribution in shaping regulations and creating conditions for fair auctions in previous years. 

When it comes to the auction process for wind farms, the list of participants, especially the winners, has shown who the serious investors are, those who truly have the intention, projects, and funds to build power plants in Serbia. It has also been demonstrated that the high bidding price was an excellent decision by the Serbian Government, as it brought competitiveness and resulted in low winning prices. 

She emphasized that it is very important for the Association that three out of the four winners in wind energy auctions are already its members. Unfortunately, the auctions have revealed that the wind energy market is much more developed than the solar market, where substantial projects and investors are needed. The fact that only a quarter of the modest 50 MW quota has been filled shows that solar companies are not prepared for demanding auctions. 

However, it is still good that these auctions were held as a sort of pilot project, the analyses of which need to be studied. Certainly, the three companies that met the requirements and received quotas in the auctions should be commended and expect the construction of new solar power plants in Cuprija, Lebane and Knjazevac.


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