June 23, 2024
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Serbia: HPP Bajina Bašta and HPP Zvornik fulfilled annual production plans

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The end of November was marked by excellent production results in the “Drinsko-Limski” hydroelectric power plants. “Bajina Bašta” hydropower plant exceeded the cumulative annual fulfilment of the plan by almost 11 percent and reached this year’s production plan of 1,689,000 MWh on November 28 at midnight.

The reversible hydropower plant “Bajina Bašta” fulfilled this year’s production plan on November 29 at noon, produced 588,400 MWh of electricity and moved the cumulative annual fulfilment of the plan for that day by 15 percent. The fulfilment of the annual production plan in both power plants was contributed by the favourable hydrological situation in the Drina basin, i.e. the significantly higher inflow of the Drina on the profile of HPP “Bajina Bašta” and the very good operational readiness of the production hydro aggregates.

On November 24, the “Zvornik” hydropower plant fulfilled the production plan for 2023 of 528,000 MWh. As of November 30 of this year, HPP “Zvornik” produced a total of 546,418 MWh of electricity.

Both “Međuvršje” and “Ovčar Banja” hydropower plants, within the production unit “Elektromorava” from Čačak, achieved the production plan. By November 30, they produced 71,734 MWh, which is 18 percent more than planned. The annual balance as of November for these two hydropower plants was 61,000 MWh.

In “Limski HPP”, only HPP “Bistrica” achieved this year’s production plan by November 30, and the other hydropower plants are on the verge of achieving it. Excellent results in production were achieved thanks to the favourable hydrological situation, the technical readiness of the aggregates and the engagement of employees.


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