February 25, 2024
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Serbia Energy Business Magazine brings you latest news and ventures from Serbia Energy Sector.

Serbia Energy covers latest from power generation area, power plants in Serbia ( coal fired and hydro) grid network and TSO topics, market liberalization and opening, energy trade, environment projects and issues, renewable energy projects, news and actors. Briefs and alert service on projects, public invitations and tenders are products of special business unit within Serbia Energy.

Serbia Energy covers also the market unbundling which will create business opportunity for different actors and stakeholders, from power gen related services to energy trading, from transmission related services and products to regional energy trade.

Considering Serbia’s regional position in power generation framework of SEE markets, energy balance and trade, importance and interdependancy of Serbia and regional energy sectors are connected and important for EU markets as well. For that reason we also cover regional energy market: Bosnia and Republic of Srpska, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia.

Serbia Energy Business serves as marketing and business development platform for market entrance consultancy services. As business promotion tool Serbia Energy Business bridges the gaps and replies to raising interest for Serbian market – for production outsourcing, export and import, sales and distribution etc.

Market entrance consultancy services are divided into several starting categories covering all major areas of interest with cost benefit solutions.

Serbia Energy Business covers industry news, projects, opportunities and market trends. Serbia Energy Magazine is the premium source of Energy & Power Generation Industry news from Serbia and markets of Balkans.

Our news desk beside the daily news service produces special industry and sector reports, covering power plants and development cycles, grid and power facilities developments and projects.

Our mission is transparent communication and promotion of Serbian Energy Sector as one of the most important in South East Europe.

Serbia Energy Business Resource Gate is a initiative with a mission to ensure you to get the maximum value for your business needs in energy and related metal sector production sectors. We are strongly linked with all major energy related companies, our network expands to the engineering services & project management firms, metal sector production suppliers ( power plants utilities production, boilers, mills, pressure parts).

For last 5 years we are providing tailored made client services:

News Intelligence Unit- News Desk covering business news from Serbia

Serbia Metal related Production Supplier demand for your company, assessment of best options and recommendations, company insights and networking, market entry assessment and realization.

As one stop info point for your start up for doing business in Serbia, our team and network provides you with the thought leadership, skills, experience, best practices, methodologies, tools and other intellectual property to help you minimize implementation time, reduce risk and get rock-solid performance.

office at serbia-energy.com

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