June 16, 2024
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Serbia: EMS signed an agreement on a donation of 600,000 euros

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Spanish Economic Promotion Fund and EMS AD signed a donation agreement. The Republic of Serbia is the only European country with which the Kingdom of Spain has an agreement on the use of these funds.

The Kingdom of Spain will finance a grant agreement from its resources, through the Fund for Internationalization of Companies (FIEM) and the Instituto de Crédito Oficial (CIO), for the development of a Technical Assistance Study for the energy transition of the Serbian transmission system operator, EMS AD. The preparation of the study will be led by Deloitte Consulting SLU, and the total value of this donation is EUR 600,000.00.

The donation agreement was signed by H.E. Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain to the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Raul Bartolome Molina and General Director of Elektromreza Srbije Jelena Matejić.

-The study aims to prepare EMS AD for the upcoming connection of many new renewable sources of electricity to the power system of the Republic of Serbia. This donation is a serious support for the challenges that lie ahead because the greater number of renewable sources in Serbia’s production mix will significantly affect the way EMS AD works. Due to this impact, the appropriate change in the national regulatory framework has already been made, as well as the adjustment of operational procedures, processes and improvement of the computer tools and management models we use. Through this study, EMS AD will strengthen its capacities when it comes to improving methodologies, processes, and computer tools, but also raise the level of knowledge of its employees. This will bring Serbia a more reliable transmission system, which is the key to energy stability,” said Director Matejić.

Thanks to this technical assistance, EMS AD will get to know the best European practice, which has been established in the Spanish transmission system operator (Red Eléctrica de España), through familiarization with the Spanish rules on the operation of the transmission system, procedures related to the management and development of the electric power system, solutions related to information systems, the structure of control centres and experiences in the work of the special centre for the management of renewable resources (CECRE).


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