June 21, 2024
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Serbia: EMS announces prequalification call for key energy efficiency project

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Serbia’s Transmission System Operator, Elektromreža Srbije, has announced a prequalification call within the framework of the Regional Energy Efficiency Program in the Transmission System III – New DV 2×400 kV Bajina Bašta-Obrenovac.

This concerns the project of a new double transmission line from Bajina Bašta to Obrenovac, which will represent the third section of the Transbalkan Electricity Corridor, a regional project to build a 400 kV voltage level electricity transmission system connecting Eastern and Western Europe.

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The project involves the expansion of the existing 220/35 kV Bajina Bašta Substation to a 400 kV level. It includes design, procurement, delivery, installation, testing, and commissioning. Two new transformers 400/220 kV, 2×400 MVA will be installed, and a 400 kV switchyard with a double busbar system consisting of seven bays will be constructed.

Additionally, part of the project is to equip the Obrenovac Substation with a new 400 kV double transmission line and adapt an existing 400 kV transmission line connection in the Obrenovac Substation.

So far, the construction of the Transbalkan Corridor has completed the first section from Pančevo to the Romanian city of Reșica and the second section from Kragujevac to Kraljevo.

After the third section, the remaining construction will connect Bajina Bašta to the border with Montenegro and the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The tender for the construction of the 109-kilometer-long double transmission line Bajina Bašta-Obrenovac was supposed to be announced in the year before last, according to announcements from EMS (Elektromreža Srbije).

The total value of the entire project, as stated in the 2021 tender announcement, is €59 million, excluding VAT. In addition to building the new 400 kV double transmission line, it involves raising the voltage level of the Bajina Bašta Substation from 220 to 400 kV and installing high-voltage equipment in two existing 400 kV switchyard bays.


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