June 20, 2024
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Serbia: Electron Holding to build 160 MW solar park

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Hungarian company Electron Holding plans to build a solar park with a total capacity of up to 160 MW. The solar power plants should be installed on plots of land west and southwest of Subotica, near the villages of Šebešić and Mala Bosna.

In a step towards the implementation of the projects, the Subotica city assembly has adopted a decision to produce a detailed zoning plan for the construction of solar power plants with a total capacity of up to 160 MW.

The power plants should be built by Electron Energy Alpha, whose owner is Hungarian company Electron Holding.

Electron Holding recently received a concession for the 100 MW Seline solar project in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The concession contract was signed by Insolar, a subsidiary of the Hungarian company.

According to data from the Serbian Business Registers Agency, in addition to Electron Energy Alfa, the Hungarian company has set up three more firms in Serbia – Electron Energy Beta, Electron Energy Gamma, and Electron Energy Delta. All four are based in Subotica.

In the decision adopted by the Subotica city assembly, the PV facilities would be installed over 164 hectares of second-class land.

The project envisages building several independent solar power plants with electricity storage on agricultural land, according to the decision.

Subotica should also be home to the Maestrale Ring project, which would be among the largest onshore wind farms in Europe, Balkan Green Energy News reported.


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