June 21, 2024
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SEE region: PPC’s subsidiary faces strong competition on a tender for universal electricity supplier in Macedonia

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EDS, a subsidiary of Greek power utility PPC, appears set to face strong competition in a tender offering a contract for North Macedonia’s universal electricity supply.

At least five more bidders have expressed interest in the tender ahead of tomorrow’s bidding deadline, sources have informed.

EDS, strongly supported by parent company PPC, intends to submit a highly competitive offer that would greatly undercut an 11.5 percent profit margin maintained by North Macedonia’s current universal electricity supplier, Austrian company EVN. It remains to be seen if rival bidders will do likewise.

Bidders face stricter participation terms in this tender compared to the previous procedure, staged five years ago. These include a working capital requirement of 40 million euros, a condition that could trouble EDS, as noted by officials in the neighboring country.

EDS, in a company statement released just days ago, has denied requesting changes to the tender’s terms, noting it intends to participate with a highly competitive offer significantly reducing the existing contract’s profit margin to the benefit of end users.

PPC and construction firm Archirodon, the only bidders in a tender staged by the North Macedonian government for the construction and operation of a 333-MW Cebren hydropower plant at the Crna Reka river, in the country’s southwest, and operation of an existing 116-MW Tikves hydropower station, also at this river, were initially announced winners, but the tender ended up being cancelled.

Source: Energypress.eu


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