June 20, 2024
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SEE Region, Increase in hydropower production to 929 GWh in the second week of January

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Hydropower production in the Western Balkan countries increased in the second week of January, after a decline recorded in the first week of this year, local hydrological reports and ENTSO-E data show.

Hydropower production is expected to continue to grow in the second half of January, which should contribute to the drop in spot prices in the region.

The combined production of hydropower in Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina fell by 6 percent in the period from January 2 to 8, to 826 GWh, to increase by 12 percent in the following week, to 929 GWh. However, it is still below the multi-year average for this time of year.

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Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina increased hydropower production, while, on the other hand, flows on the Danube in Serbia and Romania decreased.

At the same time, in the first two weeks of this year, hydropower reserves in the region increased to a six-month maximum of 4.8 TWh.

As for the spot price of electricity in the region, they have risen again after falling to minimum values at the end of last year.

The day-ahead price in the second week of January averages 152 euros per MWh in Hungary, or 160 euros per MWh in Romania and Bulgaria.

Future electricity prices for February are 185 euros per MWh in Hungary and 181 euros per MWh in Romania.

The weather forecast shows that by the end of the month, a sudden rise in the level of the Danube in Serbia, Romania and Serbia is expected, above seasonal norms, thanks to heavy rainfall.

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