April 22, 2024
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SEE region: Electricity prices ranged between 61 and 83 euros/MWh in week 8

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In week 8, half of the markets in the SEE region the price of electricity on the exchanges fell, due to lower temperatures, lower gas prices and subdued electricity demand. In the rest of the markets, prices increased.

Turkey, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria registered higher electricity prices by 10%, 6%, 5% and 3% respectively concerning week 7. On the other side, Hungary, Croatia and Italy recorded losses in their electricity price by 11%, 10%, 8% and 8% respectively.

Electricity prices were below €70/MWh, except Italy and Greece. Prices ranged between €61-82/MWh, while Turkey recorded the lowest price with a weekly average of €59.49/MWh. It was followed by Serbia, with electricity price at €61.27/MWh.

The Italian market registered the highest average price among the analyzed markets during the week, with an average price of €82.03/MWh, followed by Greece which recorded a price of €72.12/MWh.

Weekly average spot electricity prices in Central Europe followed a downward trend during week 8. Most of the markets posted electricity price declines, because of the weak electricity demand and the increased wind energy production. During the first days of the week, prices in the main European electricity markets registered a downward trend. However, in most cases, prices started to recover in the last days of the week. 

Electricity markets in Central Europe prices between €66-68/MWh. Switzerland was the country with the highest electricity price at €68.35/MWh. France was the cheapest country in Central Europe with an electricity price of €65.84/MWh.

Weekly averages were hovering around €65/MWh in all electricity markets. The exceptions were the British market with an average of €66.74/MWh, and the Italian market, with an average of €82.03/MWh.


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