May 27, 2024
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SEE region: Electricity prices ranged between 46 and 77 euros/MWh in week 15

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In week 15 electricity prices in Europe increased compared to the previous week by 25% on average, due to an increase in the average price of gas and CO2 emission rights.

In the SEE region, the price of electricity on the exchanges surged in all of the markets, except in Greece where it fell by 6% and in Bulgaria where it remained relatively stable. Serbia and Hungary registered the highest increase, by 14% and 7% respectively, followed by Italy, which registered an increase of 7%.

All countries in the region registered electricity price gains, except Greece, with electricity prices trading below 55 euros/MWh, except Italy. Electricity prices ranged between 46-77 euros/MWh.

Bulgaria recorded the lowest electricity price with a weekly average of 45.68 euros/MWh. It was followed by Romania, with 46.31 euros/MWh.

On the other hand, The Italian market registered the highest average in the SEE region, with an average price of 77.39 euros/MWh. It was followed by Serbia with an electricity price of 54.07 euros/MWh.

Regarding the average hourly prices, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Croatia registered negative prices. The Romanian market reached the lowest average hourly price during week 15 at -10.97 euros/MWh.

Weekly average spot prices in Central Europe followed an upward trend during week 15, due to higher gas prices. Electricity markets in Central Europe posted prices between 12-63 euros/MWh. Switzerland was the country with the highest electricity price at 62.88 euros/MWh while France was the cheapest country with an electricity price of 12.48 euros/MWh.

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