June 21, 2024
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SEE Region, Drop in gas power plant production by 28 percent, to 3.5 TWh in the 10th week

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Hydropower generation in Southeast Europe increased in the 10th week (March 12-16) compared to the ninth week, mainly as a result of heavy rainfall in Turkey. Total production increased by 992 GWh, i.e. by 156 GWh compared to the ninth week.

Hydropower production in the SEE region increased moderately, by 5 percent, to a total of 2.33 TWh in the 10th week. In most markets in the region, lower hydropower production was registered, except in Croatia and Turkey, which reversed the negative trend in hydropower production.

Italy and Bulgaria recorded the largest percentage drop in production during the 10th week by 10 percent and 6 percent, respectively, to 345 GWh and 39 GWh. It is followed by Greece, which recorded a drop of 5 percent, to 15.5 GWh, as a result of lower rainfall that led to lower water levels in rivers and reservoirs.

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In the 10th week, thermal energy production in SEE decreased compared to the previous week, mainly due to less gas-based electricity production.

As a result, production in thermal power plants decreased by 18 percent, to 7.26 TWh. Production from coal decreased by 6 percent, to 3.74 TWh, while the production of gas power plants fell by 28 percent, to 3.52 TWh.

In Greece, the production of lignite-fired thermal power plants decreased by 6 percent, to 136 GWh, while the production of gas-fired power plants fell by 26 percent, to 211 GWh. Romania recorded a 22 percent drop in gas-fired power plant production.

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