June 12, 2024
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SEE region: Azerbaijan could deliver additional quantities of natural gas 

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Azerbaijan can supply additional quantities of natural gas to Bulgaria and the region. This became clear from the conversation between the Minister of Energy Vladimir Malinov and representatives of SOCAR

Azerbaijan is a key partner of Bulgaria for the implementation of one of the main priorities of the country in the field of energy – the diversification of energy sources – Malinov said. 

Supplies from Baku make a significant contribution to ensuring security and competition in the natural gas market. – Thanks to the excellently developed gas transmission infrastructure in the country, which we continue to expand, we can accept additional supplies that will increase energy security not only in Bulgaria but also in the entire region of Southeastern Europe – according to Malinov.

The upcoming competition for the search and exploration of oil and natural gas in Block 1-26 “Khan Tervel” in the Black Sea was among the main topics of Minister Malinov’s conversation with the Minister of Economy of Azerbaijan Mikail Jabbarov. 

Malinov added that the government plans to open a new tender procedure in response to the challenges related to energy security. – The expansion of exploration activities in the Black Sea will make a serious contribution to guaranteeing our energy independence – according to Malinov. 

Azerbaijan has recently started commercial extraction of natural gas from the Absheron field in the Caspian Sea and the country is interested in continuing exploration in future similar projects.


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