June 12, 2024
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SEE region: Average weekly prices ranged between 58 and 96 euros/MWh in week 21

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In week 21, electricity market prices in South East Europe demonstrated a mixed performance compared to the previous week. Most of the countries experienced a decline in electricity prices between Monday, May 20 and Friday, May 24. This trend was influenced by the increase in wind production in the region.

On the other hand, the rest of Europe experienced higher electricity prices attributed to the rise in the average price of gas and CO2 emission allowances. In the SEE region, the price of electricity on the exchanges decreased in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Italy, while it soared in Hungary and Croatia and remained stable in Italy.

Greece and Bulgaria registered the highest percentage decreases by around 10% and 8% compared to the previous week. Romania and Serbia recorded lower electricity prices by 7% and 2% respectively.

Most of the SEE countries registered electricity price losses, except Hungary, Croatia and Italy, with electricity prices being below 86 euros/MWh, except Italy. Electricity prices ranged between 58 and 96 euros/MWh. Turkey recorded the lowest weekly average wholesale electricity price at 58.05 euros/MWh. It was followed by Croatia at 81.06 euros/MWh. The Italian market remained stable, registering the highest average price at 96.18 euros/MWh. Serbia followed at 86.46 euros/MWh.

Weekly average spot electricity prices in Central Europe followed an upward trend during week 21, as renewable output receded putting pressure on electricity prices, but lower electricity demand offset to a certain degree that pressure.

Electricity markets in Central Europe posted prices between 37-81 euros/MWh. Slovakia recorded the highest electricity price at 81.17 euros/MWh, while the French market was the cheapest in Central Europe, with 36.5 euros/MWh.

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