June 21, 2024
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Romania: Two electric vehicles charging stations in Timisoara

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Two new charging stations for electric vehicles in Timisoara were put into operation by Enel X Romania. Thus, the charging points network developed by the company in Romania has reached 38 stations, most of which are currently located in Bucharest.

Head of e-Mobility Enel X Romania Mihai Mardale said that electric vehicles are the most dynamic segment of new vehicle sales in Romania, stimulated by the government program Rabla Plus as well, whose funds have been recently supplemented. Enel X wants to support the Romanians who are stepping up the transition to electric mobility by installing an increasing number of charging stations for electric vehicles in Romania, thus contributing to improving access to electric charging infrastructure, in line with the commitment to facilitate transportation anywhere in the country, in a cleaner and more sustainable way.

Last week, The largest Romanian oil and gas producer OMV Petrom said that it will install ten fast recharging stations for electric cars at its Romanian petrol stations in cooperation with Enel X in the next few months. The fast recharging stations will be installed at OMV and Petrom branded petrol stations covering a distance of approximately 380 kilometers on the main roads in Romania, connecting cities from the east, center and west of the country. The recharging stations will have an available power of minimum 50 kW each, and a recharging cycle for 80 % of a car battery capacity will take around 25 minutes.






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