June 21, 2024
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Romania: Transgaz builds the pipeline for the supply of the Mintia TPP

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Romanian Minister of Energy Sebastian Burduja and the General Director of Transgaz Ion Sterian signed a financing contract for the construction of the natural gas transport pipeline to supply the Mintia Power Plant in Hunedoara County, a project worth a total of 300.69 million lei (60.43 million euros).

According to a press release from Transgaz, out of the total, 33.97 million lei (6.83 million euros) represent financing from the Modernization Fund.

“It is a step forward for this plant to be put into operation in 2026. We are providing the raw material, the gas, for the plant. It is a grandiose project, the largest gas plant in Europe – 1,700 MW of installed power. This project means jobs for Romanians, we are talking about over 1,200 jobs during the construction of the plant, we are talking about safe energy produced in the strip, we are talking about the most efficient plant in Europe, with an efficiency of 64% and, therefore, a substantial support that Romania receives on the path of green transition and replacement of coal in the energy mix with natural gas, a strategic resource to which Romania has access the energy sector in the area. I have said before and I repeat, we will not leave anyone behind,” said Sebastian Burduja.

The pipeline will also supply other industrial consumers and households. Thus, the location of the works for the natural gas transport pipeline to feed the Mintia Power Plant is in the extra-village and the inner village, over a total distance of 56.5 km.


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