June 16, 2024
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Romania to add 3 GW of new capacities by the end of 2026

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We have a decarbonization law that stipulates that in 2030 we will no longer generate electricity from fossil fuels, which means that we must replace that energy generation with something else. And we have three sources: renewable energy, nuclear energy and gas as a transition fuel, Dan Dragan, Secretary of State – Ministry of Energy, said during a conference organized by PEFA.

– We are confident that at the end of 2026, new capacities of 3 GW will be put into operation. We look forward to the completion of the Iernut project, which will bring a major balance to the energy transport system. We are waiting for the 1.7 GW project from Mindia and the new capacities from Complexul Energetic Oltenia – he added.

The Ministry of Energy allocates over 2 billion euros in various support schemes for the production of energy from renewable sources.

According to Dragan, at this moment, Transelectrica is implementing projects worth 500 million euros. We have 1.3 billion euros of contracts in implementation and in the next 2 months, the last contracts for the distribution networks will be signed.

We have investments in natural gas networks. We have up to now more than 100 million euros for financing the works in the transport networks.

All the new natural gas capacities are necessary to balance the new renewable energy capacities and the targets that Romania has assumed.

All these investments must be felt in the final price of energy for households and industrial consumers. We are already seeing prices on a downward trend due to the newly installed capacities, Dragan said.


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