June 13, 2024
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Romania talks joint energy projects with Serbia.

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Romania’s minister of economy Ion Ariton re-opened the talks with Serbia on a 30-year old project on a joint 500-750MW hydro power plant on the Danube, Mediafax announced. Ariton met Milutin Mrkonjic, infrastructure and energy minister, in Serbia and discussed mainly joint energy projects including the integration of the two countries’ electricity and natural gas grids, but also the joint hydro power project. Romania and Serbia operate already a major hydro power plant on the Danube (Portile de Fier – Iron Gates) while the new one would be a reversible pumped power plant able to store energy and thus deliver valuable balancing services. Romania also aims to build a 1GW reversible pumped hydro power plant in Transylvania at Tarnita-Lapustesti.

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