June 21, 2024
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Romania: DTEK brings online wind and solar farm

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Wind power plant Ruginoasa and photovoltaic park Glodeni have started delivering electricity to the transmission network in Romania. They have combined capacity of 113 MW.

DTEK Group has commissioned its first two power plants in Romania and outside its home market. The 60 MW Ruginoasa wind farm was completed in November while solar park Glodeni, of 53 MW in peak capacity, started delivering electricity on January 5.

They are the first in an EU portfolio that will span Italy, Poland, Romania and Croatia, the Ukrainian company said. It is developing it through its wholly-owned subsidiary DTEK Renewables International (DRI), based in the Netherlands. The goal is to reach 5 GW in installed capacity in the EU by 2030, the announcement adds.

Ruginoasa, located in Iași County, is the only sizable wind power plant completed in Romania in the past year. The facility features 10 Vestas V162-6.0 MW turbines. DTEK valued the investment at EUR 43 million.

Construction works commenced in March, at the same time as for the Glodeni photovoltaic unit. It is located in Mureș county in Transylvania. Total investment is EUR 107 million, according to the developer, controlled by billionaire Rinat Akhmetov.

Together two plants will generate 225 GWh per year, enough to supply more than 58,500 homes.

“Romania has embarked on building an energy system that is green, affordable, and secure, demonstrating the country’s ambition in this sector, honouring our partnership with the European Union’s Green Deal, and reducing our CO2 emissions long-term. We are delighted to have such important investments and investors in Romania, and we underline once more our key message for all companies in the global energy sector: come on over, Romania is open for business,” Minister of Energy Sebastian Burduja stated.

This moment marks a further step forward in the integration of Europe’s and Ukraine’s energy systems as Ukraine moves towards EU accession, Chief Executive Officer of DTEK Maxim Timchenko said.

The company is the largest producer of renewable energy in Ukraine, with 1.1 GW of installed capacity.


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