June 22, 2024
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Revitalization of unit a6 on TENT Power Plants, Mr.Biljanovski Deputy Manager of TENT

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Deputy Director of CE „Thermal power plants Nikola Tesla“ Ðordi Biljanovski presented the most important project that has been carried out in the last twenty years. It was the revitalization of unit A6 at TENT with the increase of the unit capacity and energy efficiency. The project was worth EUR107 million and was run in two phases, the first phase in 2008 and the second one  in 2010, each lasted for six months. Both were performed during the summer season, and completed before the winter season when the consum of electricity is at the highest level.

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On the overhauled unit A6 the capacity has been increased from 308MW to 348MW. This increased the energy efficiency and reduced coal consumption for 150.000 tons per year- said Biljanovski.

Since the first synchronization in 1979, and an emergency event in 1985 when the turboaggregate was heavily damaged, the unit A6 has produced 37.548GWh of electricity and achieved 156.000 hours of operation.

During 2007 it was decided on the phase revitalization of unit A6 within the concept of ECORAM, in order to extend the life of the plant for twenty years, increase reliability and availability, increase the installed capacity and energy efficiency, reduce negative environmental impact and achieve higher level of automation.

The objectives of this projects were fully met, after the complete revitalization of unit A6, Biljanovski said, adding that for the first nine months the unit A6 has achieved 1.8 million megawatt-hours, which is 300.000MW more than planned. If there is no suppression in the next period, we expect this unit to produce 2.4 million megawatt-hours, which is far more than any 300MW unit has produced so far, said Biljanovski, and also stating that availability and reliability of the unit has been increased and environmental impact was reduced too.

Besides the reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators, the turbine was overhauled and its service life was extended, technical innovation designed to increase the production for 40MW. The complete boiler pipe system was replaced and many technical issues which enable higher efficiency of production with less coal consumption were innovated…  A new automated management and control system has been introduced ensuring that unit A6 operates in compliance with the environmental protection criteria of European Union. Therefore, it is ecologically modernized, the emission of particles reduced to less than 50mg/m3 of flue gas. In fact, about six „green megawatts“ were gained, and that is the  production which reduced coal consumption in regards to the designed balance, and in relation to the balance before revitalization it reduced coal consumption for 18MW- Biljanovski explained. Before revitalization the unit A6 was spending far more coal and now its consumption has been reduced by 150.000 tons. It is a three-day power consumption of TENT A when operating at full capacity. Great number of local and foreign companies participated in the implementation of the largest investment project in EPS in 2010. Alstom did the turbine, Rafako did boiler pipe system, among the biggest contractors there were also Doosan Power Servis-UK, SES- Slovacaka…Of Serbian companies there were Goša Montaža, LM Metalmont,Termoelektro,Feromont,Izoprogres,Termooprema, Enikon,TE ENEL, ABB…Institutes „Mihajlo Pupin“ and „Nikola Tesla“, as well as „Energoprojekt“,they helped the realization of many tasks that were previously exclusive to foreigners.

Biljanovski also announced that in the future there will be activities done on this unit in order to increase the capacity of the remaining four mills, then the implementation of flue gas desulphurization project and the reconstruction of  ash and slag transport.

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