March 1, 2024
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Region: EU to speed up electric grid expansion

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The European Commission proposed an Action Plan to ensure that the electricity networks in the EU work efficiently and to accelerate the networks’ expansion. Interconnected and stable energy networks underpin the EU’s internal energy market and are essential to enabling the green transition.

The EC has established a legal framework to support the expansion of electricity networks across Europe. With the full integration of EU markets, a modernized infrastructure network will ensure that citizens and businesses can benefit from cheaper and cleaner energy.

It is expected that, by 2030, electricity consumption in the EU will increase by 60%. Networks will have to adapt to a more digitized, decentralized and flexible system, with millions of rooftop solar panels, heat pumps and local energy communities sharing their resources, more offshore renewable energy sources, many electric vehicles to charge and increasing hydrogen production needs.

Considering that 40% of our electricity networks are more than 40 years old, and our cross-border transmission capacity is set to double by 2030, investments worth 584 billion euros are needed.

The action plan aims to address the main challenges regarding the expansion, digitalization and better use of the EU’s electricity transmission and distribution networks. The plan identifies concrete and adapted actions to contribute to unlocking the necessary investments to accelerate European electricity networks.


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