June 23, 2024
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North Macedonia, Who are the biggest importers of electricity?

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Electricity imports reached 2.94 TWh in 2021, at an average price of 110 euros per MWh.

The Slovenian giant GEN-I sold the largest amount of imported electricity on the Macedonian market through its branch in Skopje. In this way, this company covered as much as 15.5% of the needs of the Macedonian market.

Among the 10 largest importers of electricity, as many as nine are branches of foreign companies and only one domestic trader.

The total import of electricity last year reached 2.94 million MWh, and the average price was 111 euros per MWh, according to official data presented in the annual report of the Energy Regulatory Commission (RKE).

Most of this electricity was consumed on the domestic market, while a smaller part was intended for customers from neighboring countries.

A total of 4.34 MWh of electricity was consumed on the Macedonian market last year, and the average price was 91 euros per MWh.

The largest player on the electricity market in 2021 was the domestic producer TE-TO (a plant in Skopje that produces electricity and heat and uses natural gas from Russia as fuel). This company covered 35% of the annual electricity needs on the domestic market.

On the other hand, the largest importer last year was GEN-I Prodaja, the Skopje branch of the largest regional electricity trading company – GEN-I Energija from Slovenia.

According to RKE’s official data, GEN-I Prodaja placed 65% of imported electricity on the Macedonian market, while 35% was transferred to neighboring power systems via the Macedonian transmission network. Sales revenue reached 195 million euros.

Among the largest importers are EDS, the Macedonian subsidiary of the Greek state electricity company with revenues of 69.5 million euros, EFT, the former regional leader in electricity trade (62.5 million euros), Energy Wind, a branch of the Bulgarian electricity trading company with based in Strumica (12.1 million euros) and a branch of the Danish giant Danske Commodities (32.6 million euros), which trades energy on more than 40 markets across the European continent.

Source: faktor.mk


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