June 20, 2024
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Montenegro: The support for solar energy

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Key state institutions will provide support for the construction of solar photovoltaic power plants, it was announced at the meeting of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policy, Nik Đeljošaj, and representatives of the Electric Power Industry of Montenegro (EPCG), UGT Renewables and Hyundai Engineering.

EPCG announced that a meeting was held at their office in Podgorica as part of a multi-day visit of renowned companies from the United States of America and South Korea to Montenegro, with the aim of raising cooperation to a higher level, in accordance with the previously signed Memorandum of Understanding.

“So that, in the foreseeable future, the implementation of joint work on the design, financing and construction of solar photovoltaic power plants with a capacity of 250 MW, with approximately 50/100 MWh for energy storage with the possibility of building additional systems for electricity storage” is stated in announcement.

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Those resources, it is pointed out, would be managed by EPCG.

Đeljošaj said that she is satisfied with the fact that such respectable business entities are interested in investing in the Montenegrin energy sector.

As he emphasized, he is especially happy that a significant part of the project will take place on the territory of the municipality of Tuzi.

“Something like that will certainly have a huge effect on balanced economic development and certainly represents a message of encouragement to other successful companies, both in the energy sector and in other areas.” Be sure that you will receive reliable and credible support in the Government of Montenegro and in the local self-government”, said Đeljošaj.

The meeting was attended by Milutin Đukanović from EPCG,Adam Cortese from UGT Renewables and Lim Gawn Sup Hyundai Engineering.

They, as stated, expressed their satisfaction with the fact that representatives of key state institutions recognize the importance of the project, emphasizing the infrastructural readiness for joining such a demanding project.

The EPCG said that a meeting of company representatives with the Prime Minister, the Minister of Energy and Mining and the Minister of Spatial Planning, Urbanism and State Property is planned for today, where the new executive power would be introduced and actively involved in the development of joint projects in the field of energy.

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