June 21, 2024
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Montenegro, RES producers enter the international market if COTEE does not increase the purchase price

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Due to the strong rise in electricity prices on world markets, certain Montenegrin privileged producers of electricity from renewable sources – owners of small hydroelectric power plants, wind power plants and solar power plants – will most likely exit the incentive system and sell electricity on the international market, if the purchase price does not increase, he announced. is Igor Mašović, owner of two and co-owner of eight small HPPs in Montenegro.

There are 39 sources of electricity in the incentive system, namely two wind farms – Krnovo and Možura, 32 small HPPs and five solar power plants, with a total installed capacity of 167 megawatts, which is more than half of the capacity of HPP Perućica, whose installed capacity is 307 MW. They provide 13.3% of the total electricity production in Montenegro.

Mašović told local media that they are trying to reach an agreement with the Montenegrin operator of the electricity market (COTEE) and Elektroprivreda (EPCG). However, if an acceptable agreement is not reached, they announce that they will leave the incentive system and sell electricity directly on the market.

The agreement would imply a higher purchase price of electricity, because the current purchase price is significantly lower than the market price. Favored producers believe that there is a lot of room for the price to increase, but that it would still be below the price at which EPCG buys on the market.

COTEE states that until the end of October of this year, it purchased electricity from privileged producers at an average price of 97.25 euros per MWh. EPCG, as the only supplier, purchased from COTEE at a price of 85 euros, in accordance with the regulation on compensation for encouraging the production of electricity from RES.

Purchase prices of electricity from privileged producers are set for an incentive period lasting 12 years, according to COTEE.

Owners of small HPP, wind and solar power plants have not yet received an official response from the Government, COTEE and EPCG regarding a possible increase in the purchase price of electricity.

Unofficially, it is learned that COTEE is trying to find a model to keep these producers on the Montenegrin market.

Owners of power plants in the incentive system remind that Elektroprivreda BiH has decided to pay small producers 180 euros per MWh for the next year. That is twice as much compared to the incentive purchase price in Montenegro.

In the first nine months, EPCG earned close to 100 million euros on account of electricity produced from renewable sources.

Source: pobjeda.me


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