June 21, 2024
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Montenegro, Privileged producers present EPCG with €73m

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It would be useful if Montenegro’s power supplier (EPCG) and the owners of small, wind and solar power plants in a partnership relationship find the best solution and common interest in defining the purchase price of electricity and sign a cooperation agreement for the next year on time, the Ministry of Capital Investments has told Pobjeda. The Ministry says it is there to mediate and provide incentives for a quality agreement. It stresses that in the first 10 months, thanks to the purchase of electricity from renewable energy source (RES) producers, EPCG saved €73m.

“Given that the energy balance of renewable energy sources for the next year plans to produce close to 500 gigawatt hours, i.e., 14% of the total planned electricity production, our position is that it is important that this energy remains in the energy portfolio of Montenegro, because otherwise it can happen that any missing quantities would have to be procured at market prices”, said the Ministry.

The Ministry states that the incentive model for RES producers had its positive side, and the most significant result was the savings achieved by EPCG, which alleviated its current negative business operation. It’s added that the energy of privileged producers is not negligible, as it is about 500-550 GWh.

“This year, EPCG bought kilowatt-hours on the stock exchanges in Hungary for an average of 27.318 cents, and from RES for 8.5 cents, which saved it €73m”, the Ministry says, CDM reports.


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