June 16, 2024
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Montenegro: EPCG exported 130 million euros of electricity

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In the global context of rising electricity prices on international exchanges, Elektroprivreda Crne Gore (EPCG) continues to demonstrate its market orientation, while at the same time making every effort to preserve price stability for the citizens of Montenegro. It is important to note that, despite growing trends, the citizens of Montenegro have not yet felt an increase in their electricity bills, the state energy company said.

– In the last eight months, EPCG generated an income of EUR 130 million. This financial venture allowed the company to secure an additional 337 gWh of electricity, investing 48 million. This dynamic approach allows EPCG to maintain the stability of electricity supply in Montenegro, while ensuring that citizens continue to benefit from stable prices – EPCG pointed out.

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A lack of wind last weekend sent energy costs soaring across Europe, with electricity prices in Germany reaching their highest level in seven months. On the market, the price of electricity in Germany exceeded 150 euros, which is the highest in the last seven months.

Last Monday, the price of electricity in Germany reached a maximum of 524 euros per megawatt. In addition to Germany, electricity is also more expensive in the Netherlands – more than 148 euros.

The situation is not much different in Belgium, where the price of a megawatt-hour is 133.4 euros, and it reached 330 euros. Experts attribute this phenomenon to the lack of wind energy production after several days of warm weather. Apart from this, Belgium is currently experiencing reduced nuclear energy production.

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